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Henna Being a Hair Dye


Henna can be a flowering plant: Lawsonia inermis, which grows in tropical and subtropical locations in Africa, Southern Asia and Australasia. Henna makes a dye termed lawsone which is a red-orange molecule and bonds nicely with protein which is the main part in skin, hair and fingernails and so continues to be utilised as a dye for many several years. The lawsone dye is located typically during the leaves.


Pure henna is a semi long term dye, but you'll find numerous makes of "henna" that really comprise metallic compounds which react with ammonia employed in synthetic hair dyes and might damage your hair. Should you use a lousy brand of "henna" then you definately cannot color your hair with chemical hair dyes or else unpleasant and undesirable final results may possibly take place. Mainly because it is a semi long term hair dye it can be very hard to remove in case you don't just like the color or it hasn't arrive out as you might have liked. Also, whilst henna is often a organic pigment it can be not always safer to work with than chemical hair dyes while you can continue to be allergic to it as well as success could lead to inconsistent shading.

Not like lasting chemical hair dyes, henna coats the skin of your hair shaft and that's why hair can glimpse so shiny and sleek. Having said that this implies you are unable to use chemical hair dyes to try to amend or change the hair colour that was produced by henna, since the chemical compounds won't be able to get even though to your center from the hair shaft to react with the pure coloured pigment melanin which happens to be what usually happens once you dye your hair.

It can be crucial that a strand take a look at is executed on uncoloured hair to be able to preview the new colour and see how the henna reacts along with your organic hair colour. In case you have naturally light hair henna could turn it a lively orange which may be what exactly you desired or it could be your worst nightmare, in either case it's worthy of examining right before you need to do your complete head, simply because you will have to dwell with the color for at least a few of months except you wish to spend big quantities of dollars on remedies that are not entirely thriving and could damage your hair which opens up a whole new set of problems.

If your hair came out also dazzling then you certainly can try to implement a darker henna to tone it down a little bit. Alternatively you could potentially blend the henna with hot, potent espresso and re-apply it.

When you have experienced your hair formerly colored with chemical hair dyes and also you then use henna there may be the likelihood that your hair could flip environmentally friendly! This is due to the henna is reacting together with the chemical substances which are however on your own hair. To test and take away this you can consider stripping your hair with peroxide but this will likely seriously hurt your hair leaving it dry and brittle. Alternatively you could possibly test taking away it or at the very least fade it with mineral oils:

Saturate the hair strands having a alternative of 70% liquor utilizing sterile cotton balls, currently being very careful in order to avoid the scalp.
Go away this for 5-10 minutes after which insert a mineral oil along with the alcoholic beverages, once again keeping away from the scalp.
Deal with your head with plastic or saran, for instance a shower cap.
Sit under a hood dryer for 30-45 minutes. (Or make use of a hair dryer)
Pat a bit shampoo onto the oil then transform the shower on and lather.
Deep ailment your hair to restore the dampness to the hair.
Hair dressers can seek to eliminate henna by using a all-natural fruit-based colour strip that may assistance to fade the color and remove sufficient henna to ensure that your hair can then be chemically dyed a different color.

Organic Haircare offers Organic, natural, certified and vegan henna hair colours and makeup in Australia . Logona and Sante are the brands and we offer detailed information on how to apply the henna hair colours along with before and after images of the Logona henna hair colours

Post by organichaircare (2016-11-11 10:28)

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